Speed Reading

The average kid & adult read approximately 200-250 wpm (words per minute ). Whether you're hitting the textbooks in class, reading long-winded emails from co-workers, or just reading the morning newspaper, chances are that one time or another you've wished you could read a little faster.

Speed Reading workshop will help you to train yourself in faster general reading, extreme speed reading, or skimming. The ultimate objective of this workshop is to reduce the time taken in reading or optimize your reading time. Of course the time saved by speed reading can be utilized in revision, learning extra skills, reading more books or articles. It is a very helpful workshop for those students and professionals who feel “Time is Money”.

Workshop Detail :

  • Age Criteria : 8 to 20 year
  • Workshop Duration : 30-60 Hours ( 2 Hr X 15-30 Days) ( Daily practice of 15 Min. essential at home.)

  • Key Benefits :

    It Minimizes the reading time, supports a lot to increase concentration and compression skill, better preparation for board & competitive exams. Helps in faster revision and long retention of facts.