Speed Listening

Listening is an active part of effective communication. Speed Listening is an art through which one can optimize his /her listening skill. Normally an average person listens 700-800 words per minute and an average person speak 200-300 words per minute. In short we can listen more words per minute as compares to speaking.

Speed Listening helps all those students & Professionals who want to improve effective listening skill. This workshop helps in preparing auditory notes and listening those notes in a relatively less time period with comprehension skill. This workshop helps to increase concentration even after having distraction in surrounding. In an competitive scenario where good communication is the key of success, Speed Listening is a very helpful workshop to effectively utilize the time of study.

Workshop Detail :

  • Age Criteria : 8 to 20 year
  • Workshop Duration : 30-60 Hours ( 2 Hr X 15-30 Days) ( Daily practice of 15 Min. essential at home.)

  • Key Benefits :

    It Increases concentration, Minimizes the listening time, better preparation for boards & competitive exams. Helps in faster revision and long retention of facts.