About Us

Company Profile

• Founded in 2011 with the team of Trainers, Leaders, Visionaries & Entrepreneurs.

• Started with a rich experience in the field of Education, Training & Development undertaken by leading Researchers, Trainers & Academicians of different Geographical & Cultural background.

• Imagecraft Concepts & Solutions has created an Interactive platform for connecting & sharing the best of Management, Training & Development practices and providing a complete intellectual solution for everyone’s limitations which can help them to reach their next level.

• Imagecraft Concepts & Solutions has associated India’s Leading Intellectual Organizations & Experts who have been in the field of D.M.I.T. (Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test), Mnemonics, Vedic Math, Abacus, Handwriting Solutions, Image Management & Soft Skills Development.


• Imagecraft Concepts & Solutions collects, develops and channelizes these extraordinary solutions to help Students, Parents, Teachers, Aspiring professionals and other related segments from a single interactive platform to reduce their time, energy and money to acquire these intellectual solutions at an affordable investment.


• These intellectual Solutions like D.M.I.T. (Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test), Mnemonics, Vedic Math, Abacus, Handwriting Solutions, Image Management, Soft Skill Solutions have been developed by world renowned researchers, scientists & universities and bringing a revolutionary change in individual’s lives across the Globe.


The dream to extend our true potential & enriched experience beyond the boundaries of 20*20 ft of training room to 200*200 Km area inspired us to create this organization and bring likeminded professionals and organizations on the same platform to serve society. Our logo also reflects the same vision. The logo of Imagecraft Concepts & Solutions is architected by the founder member Mr. Pankaj Gupta & Mr. Vijay Prakash themselves.

The Logo represents the company’s ideology, we as a training powerhouse  extend  our supporting hands to craft the image of students, parents, teachers, aspiring professionals, institutions & corporate through our intellectual solutions so that they can optimize their real potential and enrich their lives by getting more satisfactory results. In short we are into a noble profession of shaping “Your image by being Your intellectual partner”.

Our team comprises of renowned and dedicated Professionals, Doctors, Psychologists, Trainers, Consultants and Counselors who are experts in their own fields and have developed several programs, solutions, certifications, workshops, training and remedies.

Our Focus

  • Teachers
  • Students
  • Parents
  • Management
  • Aspiring Professionals
  • Corporate Professionals  &  Self employed
  • Homemakers
  • NGO , Corporate & Business Houses

  • Vision:

    ”To create a world of happy people gifted with the knowledge of themselves, living a life of genius where every moment is a success.”

    Mission Statement:

    “To Become the preferred intellectual partner for every segment of society in the field of Counseling, Training & Development.”

    Our Aim :

  • To empower individuals with the knowledge and development of their talents and further guide them to create a happy and successful society
  • To educate parents by exploring their child’s real talents and his/her preferred learning methods.
  • To draw a road map for the child’s future.
  • To guide Parents for a better parent-child relationship, as every child is different.
  • Paving the way to a stress free life for Students, Parents and Professionals.
  • Adding sparkle to the individual’s life by enhancing his/her strengths.
  • Empowering institutions and organizations with different intellectual solutions and help them to grow & expend.

  • Also aims to resolve disputes arising due to misunderstanding and miscommunication in couples, thus saving many families.

    We Strongly Believe

    " Us Gyan ka koi ARTH nahi Jisse Aap ARTH Prapt Naa kar Sakee."

    " What matters for us is " It is not important that what society has given to us ,the important thing is what we can give to society through our expertise."

    "One common saying "Serving hands are better than praying lips" and we simply follow it."

    Board of Directors

    Vijay  Prakash
    Creative Head-Content Development & Strategic Planning Founder Member

    A Dove personality, Entrepreneur, Life Coach, Management Strategist & Corporate Trainer is just some of the many hats he dons.
    His dexterity pervades his various abilities - be it strategic planning, diversified thinking corporate tie-ups, executing business operations to trainings in addition to his specialized and much  acclaimed  Parenting  &  personality development workshops & seminars. Vijay's professional qualification is MBA with marketing specialization. He is having a vast experience in the field of Advertising, Pharmaceutical and Financial industry, Deep interest in life changing solutions has remained by his side whilst he has learnt to follow the route of  his instincts, guided by the heart. His firm belief is that, "Knowledge increases with disbursement "and he consistently strives for the same.

    Skills Set :
    • Strategic Planning
    • Business Development
    • Conceptualizing & implementing marketing & sales strategies
    • Content Development
    • Relationship Management

    Pankaj Gupta
    Operational Head-Execution & Implementation Founder Member

    "Training  is a vocation, my constant endeavor has always been  how to get the best out of people, to see them happy with the knowledge of re-inventing themselves which is the final factor of success. "
    An  eagle  by  nature,12 Year of  corporate experience  and  backed  with an  Engineering background with management experience in the domains of Training and Development, Marketing and Telecom industry, this biz-whiz dared to play the monk who sold his Ferrari!!! 

    Skills Set :
    • Business Planning
    • National & Regional Business & Alliance Networking
    • Marketing
    • Training and Development
    • Consultancy Services